Know About Significant Updates For QuickBooks Online Sales Tax

Have A Quick Look Towards Sales Tax Update on QuickBooks Online

In a series of updates in features and functionalities of QuickBooks, Intuit announced some major report associated with QuickBooks Online sales tax management. Within a few dates, this update became popular, as it directly impacts the accuracy of sales tax reports. Any business in USA selling taxable items has to manage sales tax. By the way, if you want to know about sales tax update in details, then you can make calls at QuickBooks Phone Number. It is the genuine mean to connect Intuit certified experts & solve accounting glitches in a smooth manner.

You can also read this very blog, which covers some featured advantages of sales tax update In QuickBooks online. Well! Without delay, let’s start to begin the introduction.

According to a new update, QuickBooks online takes responsibility to manage sales tax calculations in quite simple and accurate.

The new system has the following characteristics:

  • With the new system, sales tax information creates automatically. As a user, you only need to choose tax agencies which you need to work with
  • Invoices apply significant rates to invoices, depending on user’s address, customer’s address, item type, and the date of sold items.
  • Reminders are also generated whenever you want to pay sales tax to potential agencies.

How  To Setup Sales Tax in QuickBooks Online?

Well! You’re going to update the sales tax in QBO. Do you know, sales tax management option isn’t enabled by default in accounting software. For this, you should navigate to, Taxes” option that you will find in the left navigation menu.

Online Support to Enabling Sales Tax by QuickBooks Phone Number

After selecting Taxes option, the new feature will let you see the screen as follows:

Important: In case the sales tax is previously enabled, but you haven’t used.  You can’t use the new sales tax feature in the future. In short, this advantage is only for new QBO users who haven’t enabled sales tax in past. For detailed information or better knowledge, you can contact QuickBooks Online Support team.

After clicking “set-up sales tax” option, you will see the screen as shown below:


This program will work automatically to choose the sales tax agency which is relevant to you.  In the next option, you will get the option of tax collection from multiple

Here, you should choose, “start of the tax period”, “filing frequency” and the date of starting tax calculations.

In case you want to make tax collection in other states too, then you can do it clicking, ” add agency” button. Make it more clear through the image below:

quickbooksIn the agency field,  you get a very detailed dropdown list. The screenshot shown below is quite specific.  You can’t submit agency name. You need to choose it from the list.

quickbooksConclusion: Hope, you completely understand this bog on sales tax updates is to you. Otherwise, you can join our QuickBooks Support Phone Number just giving a call to our learned & experienced customer support staff.



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