Fix QuickBooks OL and OLSU Bank Feed Errors

Know All About QuickBooks OL and OLSU Bank Feed Errors and Fix It A Step by Step Guide

If you have integrated QuickBooks accounting software and online banking feature is utilized by you on a regular basis, then you would have surely required importing and downloading of transactions. At a certain point in time, while processing transactions, you encounter OL or OLSU error.

There are different reasons for this error, so the ways to resolve vary accordingly. Reading the blog ahead you can get more knowledge about the error.

Error Name Error Type Error Symptoms
OL and OLSU Error Bank Feed Error Bank feeds are not imported and Transactions are not downloaded

Different codes with OLSU series Errors:

  • OLSU-1011
  • OLSU-1013
  • OLSU-1014
  • OLSU-1016

Different Codes with OL series errors:

OL-202 OL-203 OL-205 OL-206 OL-209 OL-221 OL-231
OL-232 OL-249 OL-301 OL-332 OL-334 OL-392 OL-393

What are the Possible Causes of QuickBooks OL and OLSU Bank Feed Errors?

Someone has said right, “Any disease cannot be cured effectively until it’s root cause is identified”. The same thing happens with all QuickBooks errors as well as OL and OLSU as well. OL and OLSU errors are related to bank feeds, and they are not caused due to a single reason. Yes! It depends on the situation. Some major reasons behind these errors are given below:

  • The issue at Financial Institution’s end:
  • Slow internet connectivity
  • The issue in company file due to one or more accounts
  • Formats for import & download are not supported
  • Discontinued QB desktop or windows version

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As an initial step in a way to fix QuickBooks OL and OLSU Bank Feed Errors, one needs to identify confirmation request.

Most of the financial institutions need confirmation of identity before accessing data from personal financial management software. Every bank or financial management has its own security protocols which should be followed by its users to access important information.  In order to fulfill the security requirements of the bank, sign in the bank account from official bank link to check all notifications & details in the inbox. For any kind of instructions, you can make direct contact with the bank.

  • In the next step check & verify the following conditions:
  • Is internet connection is currently active?
  • QB desktop & Internet Explorer used by you are supported?
  • Is desktop application software is at the latest release?
  • Have ever transactions been downloaded by you successfully from financial institution to QB desktop company file?
  • Can a financial institution be signed in successfully from the website?

What steps can help to resolve OL and OLSU errors?

Following are the steps to fix issues faced while importing or downloading transactions:

S1: Check availability of TLS1.2 protocol & enable it

Below mentioned steps can help you to enable TLS 1.2 in the latest version of IE.

  • Open IE 11 & ensure that you have installed the latest version
  • Now, click the gear icon in the internet explorer
  • Then go to, “internet options”->”advanced tab”.
  • Next, go to the “security” section
  • Then uncheck “USE to 1.0” and make a check to USE TLS 1.2
  • Now click “apply”-> “ok”.
  • Open programs and restart the computer

S2: Generate new company test file 

With the help of this process, you can determine any issue that originates with the banks or servers. Considerable steps are given below:

  • Go to QuickBooks file menu-> choose, “new company file”-> “express start”
  • Now add a bank account in newly created test company in which issues were being experienced
  • After that setup account for bank feeds
  • Next download bank feed transaction to test account

You will figure out any of the two conditions:

  • If the same error message is received then it indicates that there’s some problem with the bank. In this case, you need to follow s6.
  • If any error message isn’t received which means there is no problem with the bank. In this case, you should go ahead with s3.

S3: Execute account setup with suppressed ctrl key

This process will help you get recovered from an unsuccessful connection with your financial institution. You can get details of step by step description either taking assistance from QuickBooks experts or visiting official help link of Intuit. After successful execution of this method, if the error message disappears it means you have been able to overcome internet connection with the bank & you can now download transaction

Other than this, if you still receive an error message, it means that this method is not successful in troubleshooting your mistake. In this case, you need to move for next step s4.

S4: Merge accounts by creating a new one

Sometimes accounts which you are customizing are creating issues. In such conditions, you should clear pending transactions, create a new account and then merge them.

The thing to remember: If you face an inability in merging accounts then its indication of your data file damage. To recover from such issues you should contact experts in this field.

After successful completion of the merging process, still same error message is visible, then go for step s5.

S5: Deactivate all accounts which are associated with online services

S6: Contact representatives of your financial institution

Every bank or financial institution supporting QB online banking provides assistance to their users to recover errors from their end. Some factors which you all should know are described below:

  • Before taking assistance from the bank, you should collect log files of bank feeds
  • As online banking is performed by QuickBooks, therefore, most of the OL and OLSU series errors are to be fixed via financial institutions
  • In case the problem still remains unsolved, you should ask bank executive to transfer case to the online connectivity group of Intuit.

Hope, you now got all the reasons and possible solutions to fix OL and OLSU errors. At any point of time if you think that you are getting confused and need to get resolved with the errors, then you are free to take help from QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Dialing 24×7 available QuickBooks Support Phone Number, you can put your concerns and get solution anytime.

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