How The Problem with Lost Paycheck can be Fixed?QuickBooks Online Support

How to Proceed Lost Paycheck In QuickBooks Online?

Issuing paycheck again requires a lot of hassle as the user has to reverse back complete calculation. If you’re operating your paycheck calculations through QuickBooks Online, then issue, cancellation, and reissuing of check becomes very easy.  In case you have any trouble to create or Issue Lost Paycheck, then you might need expert assistance.  Other than this, if you’re in search of a trusted QuickBooks Online Support platform, then you can get a reasonable solution from our experts.

A Brief Description to Issue Paycheck in QuickBooks Online

If your employees have lost their paycheck, or paycheck is more than 60 or 90 days old, & the financial institution would not cash it. In order to issue replacement check via different check number & provide it to the employee. After that, you should generate a dummy check to account especially for the check number which is missing. Now, void it for balancing check register. Let’s have a look at important information Information to Issue lost paycheck in QBO.

Important Information:

  • Make note of check number for the lost paycheck. It will require by you in some of the steps given below.
  • Give the call to employer’s bank in order to put stop payment on lost paycheck number
  • No need to void the paycheck.
If the lost Paycheck has a date in the current quarter:
  1. From QuickBooks Desktop menu, click option, “employees” than “employee center.
  2. After that click employee name for which you need to print replacement check
  3. Now click quick reports in the top right corner. Change date range for including paycheck date
  4. After clicking double-click paycheck that is lost by an employee.
  5. Now, click option choosing “print later” checkbox in the toolbar above the paycheck.
  6. Now, choose the “print” button, and enter the replacement number for a paycheck. Then click “ok“.
Account For Missing Check Number After The Creation of Dummy Check
  • From QB desktop menu on top, select  option, “banking“>Write checks
  • In “bank account” section, select a bank account section, choose the bank account that you use for payroll check. Click option, “ok“.
  • In the field, “pay to the order of “, choose employee name from the list.
  • Submit the same date in the field that is used on a lost paycheck.
  • Enter the complete amount of lost paycheck in $.
  • Next, click option “print later” checkbox in toolbar menu that is found above a paycheck.
  • Submit check number of lost paycheck in no. field.
  • After that, in “expenses” tab, select “account” column & choose “payroll expenses”.
  • Finally, click “save & close“.
Process dummy check & a balance check register
  1. Choose option, “banking“-> then, “use register“.
  2. After that choose dummy check just created by you
  3. From the edit menu, select option, “void check”.
  4. After that click, “record”.Quickbooks online support 


Hope, steps to create, & Issue lost paycheck are clearly understood to you. If some of the steps are not clear to you, you can contact us. With better interaction with professional customer care executives at our QuickBooks Online Support platform.

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