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How to migrate data from your online QuickBooks account to QuickBooks desktop (Enterprise, Pro, Premier)

Transferring your data from QBO to Desktop version it’s a difficult task for the lay users, here we are going to explain the steps need to be performed.

In recent time QuickBooks is one of the highest growing accounting software in USA and Canada. Business owner’s corporate sectors or/else home users all prefer QuickBooks as their primary accounting software. Intuit QuickBooks has 2 different platforms for their users

  1. QuickBooks for Desktop (offline)
  2. QuickBooks online (QBO)

Though QuickBooks desktop it’s a most used version. But many users also prefer QuickBooks online for their business. The major difference between both is that in QBO you can use your QuickBooks from anywhere because it’s on the web, you just need to visit to  , it needs your user id and password to login, it’s like your email.

So in many cases, You need to transfer your QBO file, to desktop specially for those business owners who want to close their business so they need it for backup.

Steps need to require in:

First of all you need to export your QuickBooks online file from your QuickBooks online account.

QBO will export company file only and it can be exported into new company file.”


How to export your QBO file.


Requirements for the export

  1. You must be on QuickBooks online USA.
  2. You must be a master user / administrator or any invited accounted who allowed to use this feature.
  3. Internet explorer 10 or higher.
  4. Latest version of chrome.


quickbooks online support

Export steps:

  1. Sign in to your QBO account visit :
  2. Next to click on the gear icon ->Tool->Export data.
  3. If you are getting the pop to install active control install it successfully to perform the next steps.
  4. Choose your data type.
    • All financial Data.
    • All financial data without transactions.
  5. Export varies to your data type.
  6. Follow the options step by step.
  7. After completion click on download the file and download the exported data.
  8. Click on save in and save it in your computer hard drive.

You will have a file named export_company.qbxml

Then open your QuickBooks desktop pro / premier close all open company file make sure you do not have any open company file on screen.

Now on the QBO export window you will have a option Convert  click convert option a window open with the name create a new company file choose create a new company file choose your company file name and location click on continue and done to confirm.

Important Note: “Verify you QuickBooks export was successful”

QuickBooks online support

When done run the balance sheet and profit and loss report on both of the versions online and desktop and match each and every report if its same it means you have successfully transferred your data if you are missing any data to get help kindly call QuickBooks support phone number 1800-961-9635


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