What Are The New Features In QuickBooks 2018?

New Features in QuickBooks 2018

Every QuickBooks user is waiting eagerly for the release of QuickBooks 2018, as a business user, we should know what are the new/updated features added to your new QuickBooks 2018 software. In the latest edition, they have added “keep me log in” option to solve login issues.

Here We Are Listing Some Of  The Changes Made In QuickBooks 2018 To Improve The User Experience.

  1. Login Features: in QuickBooks latest version (2018) you will get an amazing feature in which user can stay login if his / her software is close. This can narrow down the login problems happen in QuickBooks.
  2. Multi-monitor support: This is what we all are waiting for QuickBooks 2018 allows you to connect multiple monitors like one two or even three and the user can open different company files simultaneously on different monitors. For an example, you can open 2 different company file on different monitors.
  3. Improved sales order feature: Now you can change your orders priorities according to your need
  4. Enhanced inventory report features
  5. Improved Chart of Accounts: Now you will have a search option in COA.
  6. New keyboard shortcuts introduced
  7. Cash accrual toggle on reports

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