New & Improved Features of QuickBooks Desktop in 2019- A Quick Overview

Intuit’s QuickBooks keeps increasing its value and importance by consistently bringing enhancement in its assets. From the first year of introduction of QuickBooks till now, a lot of changes have been made. Several new product releases and specific enhancements time to time is consistently introduced by the QuickBooks. The major objective of Intuit in making such new introductions and enhancements is to make accounting experience more & easier for end customers. The availability of QuickBooks Desktop support is the second most advantageous opportunity that remains available for end users of QuickBooks.

In this blog, we are going to discuss new QuickBooks desktop 2019 features. If you want to get acquainted, keep reading the description ahead.

Proadvisor Program-QuickBooks Accountant Toolbox Access

The objective of the blog is to help users in the identification of new & improved features of QuickBooks that are helpful for users to work more efficiently with the use of Quickbooks Desktop 2019. Also, the complete goal is to also to help users recognize how pro advisor membership through accountant toolbox is fruitful for them.

Each feature demonstrated in the 2019 update is available in pro, premier and accountant versions. Enterprise users have some functional advantages too, but not all features are included in it. To get advantage of these features, users need to subscribe to QuickBooks desktop plus subscription.

Slip Stream Releases That Are Included With QuickBooks 2018

To have better knowledge of updates it is quite important for user to get acquainted with professional advantages of QuickBooks 2018 versions. By clicking key, “F2” you can check product release, license number, product number, installation date and user licenses as well. For your better understanding, the image is displayed here.

QuickBooks Desktop Support

Customer Invoice Tracking

● Tracking create to paid journey of QuickBooks customer service
● Accessing information efficiently that is useful for the purpose of collecting receivables
● Dates track section include-Created, due, past due, emailed, viewed, received payments and made deposits.

QuickBooks Desktop Support Number

Transfer Credits Between Jobs of the Same Customer

● Conveniently use apply credits window for assigning an open credit from one job to another
○ Share sense customer record
○ Open credits across all jobs are visible
● The complexity of credit transfer is done automatically via QuickBooks
● The accounting software creates another current asset type account named “Account for credit transfer”.

Prompt to Pay the bill, Not Write Check

● Default action is to navigate to pay bills
● Paybills window is automatically filtered for a specific vendor

Employee Pay Adjustments History Report

● Tracks pay rate of employee that change over a period of time
● When at least one earning item changes on paycheck, all earnings items included in report
● Available late in QuickBooks 2018 release

Company Preference Setting Maximum Type

● More reliable & accurate accrual setting
● Company preference specifically identifies the maximum type for sick leave or vacation
○ Maximum hours at the time
○ Maximum hours for the year

Notification when exceeding sick & Vacation time

● Facility of warning when sick or vacation recorded exceeds available time
● Pay Stub format updated
● Requires an active payroll subscription

Inactivating an Inventory Item

● Used by companies that no longer offer a particular product
● Users won’t be able to choose an obsolete item on new transactions
● Marking item inactive with the value which doesn’t remove value from the balance sheet

Option to include Inactive Inventory Items on Reports

● Previous versions had not any provision to offer an option for including value of inactive inventory items with quantity on hand amounts.
● Balance sheet financials and inventory valuation reports will not get agreed with one another

Enhanced IIF File Functionality or Importing

● IIF method of importing is often used when copying data of lists from on QuickBooks file to another
● IIF formatted spreadsheets can also have data added manually for import into a QuickBooks file

Validating intuit interchange format data

● Option for overviewing a newly created IIF file consisting of data that was not imported successfully
● Also, errors can be fixed and imported again from this separate file

Automated files and data backup

● It is included with QuickBooks desktop subscription plans
● File backups over the internet for protecting from loss or damage
● Users can also select to make a backup of company files on other selected data on their computer

Hope, you get outstanding accounting experience by getting advantageous of new improved QuickBooks Desktop features in the year 2019. If you have a query, “how to utilize these features in details”, or want to know some other specified enhancements, then you can make quick contact to our certified customer care executives in case of any doubt. QuickBooks Support Phone Number can be a suitable place to help you overcome accounting difficulties and receive right updates of QuickBooks.

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