What Is Banking Error 323 In QuickBooks Online?

A Few Reasonable Tips To Resolve QuickBooks Banking Error 323.

You receive banking error 323 if you’re connected with two similar accounts at the same time in QuickBooks online. For instant & valuable guidance, QuickBooks Error Support Phone Number works a supporting platform to help you recover accounting issues related to your accounting software in quite an efficient manner. A brief discussion on QuickBooks Banking Error 323 and some tips for its recovery are discussed in the blog.

Error Information:

Error Code 323
Error Type Banking
Error Category QuickBooks Online
Error Description ● Two accounts with same account name & account number


● Same accounts added twice

Solution ● Rename one of the accounts for unique identification of the account


● Try to disconnect one of the accounts which are added twice

Resolving QuickBooks Banking Error 323

 To resolve error 323, you need to follow below-discussed steps:

If you possess two accounts with the same name & account number then you need to rename one of the accounts at the website of the bank in order to identify it uniquely.  After this, try to add & connect them again in QuickBooks Online.

Add & connect credit card & bank accounts?

  • To connect bank, & credit card accounts via banking
  • On the banking page, choose an option, “add account”
  • Search your financial institution & choose it via the list.
  • Submit your user id & password for bank’s website & choose to continue.
  • After that complete, all security verification steps required by your financial institution & choose an option, “securely connect”.
  • Next, choose bank emblem for an account which you need to connect.
  • Then choose account type-> bank or credit card account.
  • After that select connect.
  • After completion of the download, you will return back to the banking page in order to review & add transactions in QBO.

Connecting bank account through the chart of accounts

 Chart of accounts helps you to connect to an existing bank account. You can’t connect them via banking window. For this,

  • Choose “gear icon” from the toolbar
  • Select “chart of accountants” under your company
  • Locate account, & choose view register from action column.
  • Then choose an option, “connect bank”.
  • After that follow prompts in order to connect to your bank.

To Download required transactions: From the left menu, choose, “banking” and then choose update on “banking” page.

Sometimes, you intentionally or unintentionally add the same account twice. In such a case, you need to disconnect one of your accounts.

  • If you still see error still persists, then you need to choose report issue option on the right side of the error message. When you do this, your issue will be directly transferred to the responsible team and the team will send you the mail as a notification when your issue is resolved. It takes maximum 48 hours of time.
  • You can upload bank transactions using QBO with the aid of web connect in the meantime.

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