QuickBooks Desktop Vs Online 2018-Which Version Should You Choose?

Some Common Yet Important Facts About QBO and QB Desktop You Should Know!

Well! You are confused which QuickBooks versions suit you best. Perceptions of people vary from time to time according to the requirement of the users. However, after incorporation of QuickBooks accounting software was a new era in the field of software accounting technology. It offered online cloud facility and anytime anywhere accessibility feature. When Intuit started promoting QBO with priority, most of the accounting experts started assuming that era of desktop version is at end gate. But, are they exactly right in their perception? Is it really the end time of QuickBooks Desktop, and the start of QBO? Or Desktop version is still alive. well! People seeking for Quickbooks Customer Service will find a better solution from expert. However, This blog on QuickBooks Desktop Vs Online version will help you overcome your confusion. So, without delay let’s start.

QuickBooks Desktop Vs Online–Similarities

There are some common features which you will find in both. Choosing one of them depends on the requirement of your company.  If you are new, then you should be aware of the exact preferences of both QuickBooks Online & desktop according to needs. Look some common facts:

  • Both offer credit card payment & online banking facility.
  • Creating an invoice, bill, report, budget, company snapshot etc.
  • Feature to memorize transaction & make the report
  • Tax form accessibility.

Advantages of QuickBooks Desktop

For wholesale business, it is quite difficult to manage a large amount of inventory and job costing. The desktop version of QuickBooks brings forth special advantages to users by simplifying the job costing feature. There are QB desktop features which are not available in the online version. Let’s have a look.

Note: These features are available in premier & enterprise versions, not in pro version.

Advantages of QuickBooks Online

So, Curious to know about benefits which are available in the online version, not in the desktop. The only part that is best in this version is the availability of 24/7 assistance platform. You can have better assistance from Quickbooks customer support team, However, other feature include: 

  • Automatic scheduling, creating and sending of reports
  • Easy attachment of documents, signatures, images, etc.
  • Easy tracking of change & audit log option
  • Automatic software upgrade available
  • Easy integration with third-party apps, and many more


Finally, it is clear that both online and desktop versions have their own significance. Compatibility and utility of both depend on certain conditions ( Security, privacy, business needs, user-friendliness, etc.).

Other than this, our staff sitting aside is ready always to help you find the right solution to QuickBooks Error encountered by you. You can also get consulting about how to optimize a particular QuickBooks version as per your preferences to get most out of it. For this, you can call at QuickBooks technical support phone number anytime.

Hope, you liked the description. To have knowledge of such kind of information, keep connected with us through blogs and Quickbooks customer service representatives through phone call.

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