What If You Receive An Error -6073, -99001 While Trying To Open Company File?

How QuickBooks File Doctor Is a Better Way To Fix Error Code 6073?

Intuit, in a way to make error diagnosis easier for QuickBooks users keeps making strategies and implementing rules time to time which are much feasible in fixing errors than before. The most common errors with accounting software are related to “Company File” and “Network”. Previously recognized as connection diagnostic tool, the QuickBooks File Doctor is today’s mostly recommended tool for users to resolve company file damage & common networking issues.

QuickBooks Error code 6073, is encountered by the user, when the accounting software is unable to open company file. Reading this blog, you will be able to know about the error in detail along with all suitable ways to resolve it. Also, you will know, “how to use file doctor diagnoses in fixing the same error easily with more accuracy?”.

 Quick Introduction to Error Code 6073:

Name Of Error  QuickBooks Error Code 6073
Error codes (-6073, -99001)
Error Category Company File error
  •  File on another computer in single user mode
  •  File is in read only folder
  •  Files are hosted on linux & shared folder has more than one than one login credentials

    Resolve error manually


Use QuickBooks File Doctor tool


Method 1- Manual Method to Resolve Error

 If single user mode is active & file is on another workstation

  • Close desktop version of accounting software in all PCs & then open file on host computer.
  • After that switch to, “multiuser mode” going to “file” menu, and then reboot workstations.

 If file is open on host computer in a single mode

  • Choose, “close company” option navigating to “file” menu
  • Again open company file. Choose, option “open or restore company” in “file” menu.
  • Open company file and choose option, “open file in multi-use mode”.

 If file is in read-only network folder

  • Navigate to host computer, open folder where file is saved.
  • Click right and choose, “properties”.
  • Next go to security tab and choose user that has issue in login.
  • Now, “edit”->check, “allow”-> choose apply-> ok

Method 2: Use QuickBooks File Doctor Tool For Fixing QuickBooks Company File Error 6073?

 Step-1: Download file doctor on computer

Step-2: After completion of download double-click qbfd.exe & follow instruction for proceeding installation of QuickBooks File Doctor.

Step-3: Once getting installed, the tool opens automatically. ( If it is not opening, then go to “windows task bar” & search green wrench icon.

Step-4: Find company file using drop down menu. If file not found, then manually locate it by choosing browse option.

Step-5: Select option, “Both file damage & network connectivity”.

Step-6: Enter admin password & click next.

Step-7: In a prompt, choose either, “host/server”, or workstation as per the requirement.

Step-8: Select, “yes” if file doctor is on host or server computer and “no” if file doctor is on pc that is not hosting the company file.

Step-9: After that wait for file doctor tool until it completes diagnosis.

Step-10: Once the diagnosis is completed, close file doctor and see if your company file is opening.

 Important points to remember: 
  • For All versions of QuickBooks after 2016, you will get prompt to run internal version of file doctor.
  • The file doctor is only for QuickBooks Desktop for Windows. It is incompatible with MAC

Hope, the description mentioned above is helpful to you. Keep visiting our blogs if you want to enhance your QuickBooks knowledge, and handle all sorts of technical interruptions with ease. For any query of confusion, you can also opt for QuickBooks Online Support to get real time assistance. The consultation from experts will be helpful for you in overcoming accounting limitations and helping you utilize the software with much efficiency.

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