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What does QuickBooks Banking Error Codes 106,168 or 324 Mean & How to Fix it? 

QuickBooks is one of the compatible account management tools, especially for small businesses that contains important tools for day to day tasks. Among the series of features & options of QuickBooks, online banking feature is one which eases the banking by making available tools & downloaded transactions that are easy to handle.

If we come to discuss the limitations of online banking features; There are many situations when users fail to get reasonable benefits from the online banking feature.  Some situations are created due to lack of knowledge and others owing to system limitations. QuickBooks Online Banking error codes 106, 168 or 324 denote that QuickBooks online is not able to locate accounts successfully due to a terminated bank account or some other reasons.

However, the problem with QuickBooks displaying such error codes can be fixed easily by following certain steps by an intermediate level user. If you are new to error, then the procedure discussed below will be very helpful for you:

  • Navigate yourself to link “reconnect my account”, which will be visible on error dialog box.
  • Now, move to updated account with the financial association
  • Visit the website of the bank manually for updating your account details if you are not able to locate link “reconnect my account”.
  • You can execute this process through QuickBooks online going to “update” tab.
  • Important: Running three manual updates in off-peak hours is recommended.
  • In the next step verify that you are signed in to website of bank using URL provided to you through online banking.

How to Fix QuickBooks Online Banking Error 106 168 or 324

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The procedures of fixing these errors differ from bank to bank. For US customers of Wells Fargo Bank and Huntington bank, the recommended steps are mentioned below separately:

Note: Only for US Customers

For US customers having Wells Fargo Bank

If you have a business or personal account for QuickBooks Online, then

  • Firstly login your Wells Fargo Bank account
  • Next navigate to “Account Summary”–> “Business Account”–>”Go”
  • Now, click option “Set default view”.
  • Next login QuickBooks Online account
  • (Note-You can’t utilize personal & business accounts in default view at the same time. Therefore you need to remove one account from default view when you go to update QB online for a secondary account.
  • Files containing bank data can also be imported into QB online

For Us customer having Huntington Bank

Follow below steps if you want to resolve the issue:

  • Sign in to online Banking page
  • Select customer service option & then press service center option
  • Next, select My information option
  • Then press tab allows financial management tools access tab & make sure that settings is turned on.

Hope, the information described above is clearly understood to you. Reading the procedure efficiently, you can resolve online banking error 106, 168 or 324 successfully without much hassle. In case of doubt or error, you should contact customer care executives on call.

Well! If we go more deep to identify about banking errors, then in several cases we will come to know that online baking errors occur due to update issue. Sometimes a quick online banking update can help you to come out of trouble. It can be done in two ways, either manually, or automatically.

However, automatic updates are perfect; still, there are some banks which do not allow them. In such cases, the customer has to choose the manual update option.

Why Users need Manual Update?

  • Each night bank transactions are downloaded automatically by Quickbooks, but manual update becomes important when updating the latest transaction is required within an hour.
  • In some functional systems like American express, only two to three automatic updates are allowed in a week; therefore the user has to go for the manual option in compulsion.

Automatic banking update–Important information

The time to start automatic banking update is 3 PM Pacific time only when you have switched it on. If the first attempt fails, after every one hour QB tries to receive updates continuously for five hours. Only new information is displayed by the accounting software either daily or weekly. Neither user has the option to stop bank sending updates, nor he can ignore download information.

To see the exact time of content update: Select “bank”–> choose “update” button–> check last update

Manual Banking update– Important Information

In case the manual update is required by the bank, its notification is displayed on connection interview.

  • For starting manual update: Choose “bank” option–> select “update”–> then select only those accounts which require update, clear all other accounts.
  • Now, select “update now”–> enter multi-factor authentication to start updates.


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