What’re Popular Banking Errors With QB Online? How To Treat Them Correctly?

QuickBooks Online Banking Error is identified & characterized in several ways with a series of error codes depending upon the situation. When performing transactions or other bank-related operations with QuickBooks, users are most likely get entangled in several errors. Here’re discussed Five major banking errors, their signs & possible steps to deal with them all.


Error 102

While playing the professional game of accounting in QuickBooks Online Banking Error 102 is the usual thing which is encountered by most of the users. When the server is under maintenance or there occurs some technical issue like data transfer problem in the website of bank and QB online. Following suggestions might be helpful for users to overcome technical issues with the software:

Check account updates in QuickBooks Online

If any issues or maintenance signs are not clearly visible on the website of your bank or credit card, then the best & appropriate option which should be recommended to the user is to update your account manually in QuickBooks Online. If you are lacking QuickBooks proficiency or want to get more detailed information on details, then you can take help from tech support executives via a single phone call, however, some description regarding automatic & manual updates is discussed below:

 Manual Updates

If you see today’s information after the automatic update there might be a requirement of a manual update. The procedure for the update is mentioned below:

  • From the left menu, select banking
  • Clear all unwanted accounts if you want that only some of your accounts should be updated
  • Next update now
  • In case you get prompt to submit Multi-factor authentication credentials then choose to continue to update

 Automatic Updates

  • The exact time of updates can be seen by following below steps:
  • Select banking from the left menu and then update button in the top right corner
  • Date & time of the last update will be listed under last updated column

After checking for updates, following procedures should also be considered:

–>Check all account info or notification

—>Wait for action from the bank

—>Check & make sure that account isn’t new to the bank 

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Error 103

Sign in credentials of QuickBooks entered by the user aren’t accepted by the website of a financial institution, then occurs error 103. The error is the simple notification that processing of sign in the request has been stopped due lack of certain update of information.

  • To fix this error, click reconnect button that is visible within the error message.
  • Type username & password physically
  • Next, select update sign-in info

You can also try verifying connection by searching URL of login page of the bank.  In case this QuickBooks Online Banking Error isn’t eliminated by updating sign-in information, then contacting customer care with the following information can be useful:

  • Error code number
  • Your Financial institution’s name
  • The bank name which is selected during account setup
  • The website that is used in order to connect bank and URL after successful signing to a bank account
  • Account type- Personal, business, cash management etc.

 Error 108

If you’re stuck in your QB online with the error code 108, it simply denotes that some message on bank’s website is waiting for a significant response from your side. Therefore, to fix such error login to the site of the financial institution or the bank to either take action or dismiss all notifications.

 Some notification illustrations might be, “New service terms”,  “Site change or maintenance related information”, “New Offer” etc. If you aren’t seeing any notification, then pop-up blocker must be disabled from your end. After acknowledgment, go back to QB & choose Update from Banking page.

 Error 185

If the source of login credentials provided by you isn’t clear to the bank or financial institution, it indirectly means that there’s requirement of more information in the form of your credentials. In cases of additional security requirements like OTP, security question etc., this situation is created.

Submitting right answer of security question can resolve the error, however in case of multiple security questions you need to submit correct answers for all.

 Error 323

 Two accounts added with the same account name and account number, probably a same account added two times is the major reason behind the error 323. It’s simple to resolve this error, disconnect anyone and get back to your easy accounting soon.  You can also change the name of one of the accounts in order to identify each one uniquely.  If the solution does not work, then choose Report Issue option, which you can find at the right side of the error message.

Typically it takes 48 hours to get resolved with the issue from QB officials. An appropriate solution will be sent to you by mail. If you think it’s too much time to get your issue resolved, then you can have a direct conversation with technical support staff via phone call.

Note: for common QuickBooks Banking Error codes are

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