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Get An Overview of Virginia Payroll Tax Compliance And W-2 E-File Complexities 

With QuickBooks, a user can accomplish payroll goals in quite an efficient manner. Time to time, QuickBooks keeps making consistent changes in the payroll, and other functions. QuickBooks Online Payroll comes with so many advantageous features making it easy for users to optimize their experience.  QuickBooks Online Virginia facilitates users one of the suitable methods to optimize user experience and get positive awareness into the marketplace.  Here in this blog, you will get to know featured highlights of payroll tax compliance and W-2 e filing for the Virginia state.

Virginia Payroll Tax Compliance-Have a look at some distinctive features 

Tax Forms-

QuickBooks Online Virginia


QuickBooks Withholdings

Agency withholding details

QuickBooks Agency withholding details

Agency tax payment details

Agency tax payment details

Tax Payment Frequency Detail

Withholdings- Virginia Payroll Tax Compliance

Electronic Mandate Requirements

Electronic Mandate Requirements

Unemployment Tax-

Agency Contact Information

QuickBooks - Agency Contact Information

Agency Tax Rate Detail

QuickBooks Agency Tax Rate Detail

Tax Payment Details Of Agency

QuickBooks Agency Tax Payment Details

Tax Payment Frequency Detail

QuickBooks Tax Payment Frequency Detail

User can file w-2s Directly via QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. First of all download the advanced payroll tax table
  1. Move to employees, then process payroll tax forms & W-2s. After that process payroll forms
  2. Then after choose VA state W-2 form to e-file
  • In the File forms area, choose w-2s VA state, and worksheet in e-file format
    • If you can’t see form, then choose “forms” button & then choose, “make new form active”.
    • Then choose state drop-down option & choose VA and choose, “add form”.
  • Choose “File Form
  • Recheck “Select filing period, and edit if needed.
  • Then choose, “ok”.
  • Next, choose “ok”.
  1. Complete W-2 worksheet of Virginia state & verify data
  1. First of all be sure that you possess current year form version
  2. Verify pre-populated data after completion of the worksheet
  3. Next, choose an option, “check for errors” for ensuring no issues will prevent e-filing
  4. Once you’re ready to file W-2s of Virginia state, choose to submit the form.
  1. Choose e-file option on “submit form” window
  2. Next, submit mailing address & phone details & choose to submit
  3. Check status within 24 to 48 hours.

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Conclusion: Well! Payroll tax compliance and Virginia state W-2 E-filing procedure are understood to you. If you’ve any query or any question in your mind related to QuickBooks Online Virginia, then the better option is to take consultancy from us at Quickbooks Phone Number. Other than this, you can keep updated with the latest features and all genuine Online Payroll services by QuickBooks herewith our blogs.

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