QuickBooks Payroll California Support Know About Online and Full-Service Payroll

Intuit Payroll Online-A Way to Manage Payroll functions optimally

Intuit, the parent company of QuickBooks offers online payroll solutions when all of them share a similar engine-Intuit Online Payroll. There are some key differences to have better consultation with your clients. Reading the blog, you will know Intuit Online Payroll and Intuit online payroll for accountants and Intuit full-service payroll. So go ahead reading the description below to understand features & complexities in quite an efficient manner. Furthermore, you can take avail of payroll services, by contacting 24×7 active Quickbooks payroll support phone number.

What Is Intuit Full-service Payroll?

I include Intuit Online Payroll for accountants since that accountant will use whenever they want to offer payroll services for clients. See the picture shown below of Intuit Online payroll for accountants, the client dashboard. It is noticeable that it says intuit in the upper right corner. However when clients signs in Intuit online payroll they will only see the firm name.

QuickBooks Payroll SoftwareFurthermore, If you’re in a plan to offer a payroll solution to more than one client, then go for intuit online payroll for accountants. In intuits payroll for accountants, the company receives a payroll subscription. The rates are very competitive especially for those who are planning to do payroll for a large number of clients.

If you’re using QuickBooks Payroll online, and want to use payroll functions optimally, then you should know Intuit Full-service payroll. To get avail of all kinds of payroll services in an efficient manner, you need to go to the Intuit Full-Service Payroll Login page. It requires a user ID and password to enter into the dashboard of full-service payroll. For all the guidance, the team an expert team remains active at Quickbooks payroll support phone number.

Three major benefits with Intuit full-service payroll are-

  • Expert setup help-To help you to start, US-based techies will assist you better with each & every step.
  • Payroll taxes are calculated for you-In full-time service payroll, Intuit calculates tax payments and files all forms for the end-user.
  • No penalty, 100% guarantee- Intuit officials pay all tax penalties or fees.

   Easy, & accurate QuickBooks Payroll California 

    • Payday without worry-Tacking of tax rates and making the accurate calculations is done from the client’s end.
    • Availability of free direct deposit feature on the same day-Make payment to workers on the same day when payroll is run.
  • Customizable payment options- Select how to make payment to the worker and how frequently they get paid.

Intuit Handles Your Taxes

  • Know what you owe-In full-service payroll, Intuit tracks taxes which you owe & ensure payments sent on a schedule.
  • Intuit representatives file taxes for you- Filing & payment of federal-state taxes handled by our representatives from start to finish.
  • Assisted payroll setup
  • Customize your payroll
  • Support when you need it
  • Real-time data update
  • Stay accountant ready
  • Faster direct deposits


I hope, you got a clear overview of Intuit payroll and full-service payroll. If you’re in California, then you should contact QuickBooks Customer Service staff just giving ring at toll-free QuickBooks Phone Number. The dedicated support available with different means of online communication will make it easy to understand all payroll functions & complexities.

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