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Intuit Basic Payroll

Intuit Basic Payroll is cheaper than Enhanced Payroll. you need a CPA to Calculate taxes.

Intuit Enhanced payroll

Intuit Enhanced Payroll is costlier than Basic Payroll and it calculates taxes.

QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service Guidelines to start Payroll For New Users

The level of quality, accuracy, accounting efficiency and user comfort that quickbooks offers is second to none. From managing financial gains and expenditure to paying employees and calculating taxes, this accounting software makes possible all functions related to the account management under a single platform. When it comes to payroll, it is one of the important part of account management. However, it is very easy to work with payroll in quickbooks, but introduction of some new rules or functions can create a bit difficulty for users to use it optimally. If you’re a new user or due to certain changes in accounting software, you are searching for a right QuickBooks payroll customer service platform to know effective ways to get started with payroll, then go ahead in this blog.

Here, see the complete video on how you can start with your quickbooks payroll within a few simple steps. A few Recommended Steps to Get Started with QuickBooks Payroll.

Go to Employee Menu

For this, open quickbooks and in “home screen” click on employees tab in sidebar menu

Go To Payroll Mode

Go to main page of Employees, select option, “get started with payroll”, that will be visible on right side of screen.

QuickBooks Payroll Customer Support For Software Errors

QuickBooks Payroll users need online help or seeking tech support help can get the one-stop solution right here as per their customized needs and affordability. QuickBooks Payroll running at small enterprises, medium enterprises, and other big organizations can get QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service here for different problems affecting the core functionality and performance of the QuickBooks software.

Submit Payroll Set Up Information

In the payroll module of quickbooks, you can get started after answering a few questions as your payroll story. In case you have any confusion, or some question arises in your mind then you need to click on blue links on page or question mark displayed at top corner of page.

What are the questions, which you need to answer while submitting payroll set up information?

Have you paid any W-2 employees this year?

You will be provided two options with descriptions, choose one that suits is correct in your point of view.

Have you W-4 forms which are filled out by your employees?

If you have forms, then click option, “yes” otherwise, click, “no”. To get W-4 forms clicking blue link, “ Need W-4 forms?”. From this link you can get forms, print them and provide it to your employees.

When w-4 forms are filled by employees, then select radio button besides, “yes” followed by information that you have completed w-4 forms from all of employees. After that click, option “continue”.

Adding Employees

Once payroll information is successfully submitted, you can add employees, going to the option, “add employees” on left of screen.

Submitting Withholdings of Employees

Before entering pay schedule, you need to answer of question, “How often you pay employees?”

Click option, “enter” for paying schedule button under the question.
For submitting paycheck schedule of employees, firstly select pay interval from drop down menu options under the question mentioned previously in quotes.
The accounting software shows paydays and pay periods depending upon dates submitted by you while answering the questions. Same schedule can be used by you after some time later by checking box at bottom most area of screen.
You can finish it by clicking option, “done”.

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  • Once pay scheduling process is successfully done, you need to give answer of the question, “how much you pay your employees?”.
  • According to your requirement, you can choose, options either “hourly” or “salary” basis.
  • Options to add other modes of payment are available too, just clicking option, “add additional pay types”.
  • In submission of employee deductions you need to give answer of question, “does your employee have any deductions?”. For example- ( healthcare & retirement plans etc.)
  • Most commonly preferred option is,”no”, adding any deductions in payroll can be done by clicking pencil icon.
  • Finally, you will have to give answer of question, “how do you want to pay your employees?”
  • You can do it simply clicking pencil icon under question.
  • In the options choose direct deposit or check method for paying employees & then click ,”ok”.
  • After successfully adding employees, now you are completely ready for running payroll. For this you need to go to run payroll module, where you will have to submit certain details like pay hours, overtime hours, etc.
  • After entering hours, you can re-check & approve first payroll by choosing option, “preview payroll.
  • After getting cleared that everything is ok, click option, “submit payroll”.

Hope, reading the description above you’re able to understand exactly what is required to initiate payroll process in QuickBooks. To get more enhanced information on payroll & other functions, you can join our QuickBooks Support phone Number.

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