How TSheets Time Tracking In Your Premises Encourages Cost Saving?

The integration of Tsheets Time Tracking directly in QuickBooks online was done in the year 2017. From then until now, positive feedback has always given by users for this perfect combination. Bookkeepers, business owners & accountants again got a new way to track and manage employee time. However, the utility of time tracking suits effective only when both accounting & time-tracking software work hand-in-hand.

Acquisition of Intuit on TSheets, at one end, gave a new direction in the efficient management of job costing functionality, on the other end surprised many people & made them bound to think that how the future of QuickBooks Tsheets Integration is going to affect the efficiency of small & medium size businesses.

Qb TSheets Time Tracking

Getting acknowledged as a top-rated time tracking software, Tsheets is even better when it is paired with payroll as well as invoicing feature of the accounting software. Intuit & Tsheets together help business owners everywhere to manage their payroll processes efficiently & ensure saving of thousands of dollars every year.

 What TSheet features?

 Time Tracking

Time is a valuable asset for every businessman, and it should be tracked wisely & correctly in order to get a positive response from businesses. It has always been a difficult task to manage employee hours.  Cloud-based TSheets time tracking helps you to save money by facilitating correct tracking of login hours of salaried workers or contractors. Feedback & estimation say that businesses are able to save more than five percent of payroll money on an average, due to this time tracking feature. It is due to the ability to sync customer addresses from QBO to Tsheets that workforce can easily sign in to jobs depending on the pre-decided time on job site.

Save time with the aid of Automate Processes

Deciphering timesheet of employees for payroll is a very difficult task which can be performed much faster with the Tsheets than usual. The provision of Tsheets is put in front of users keeping in mind all aspects & contemporary requirements of clients.

Mobile No hassle in managing breaks and tracking time of employees for different jobs. Workers can clock in & out easily.

GPS Tracking location of each worker via mobile device & gaining correct insights for the same.

Time Clock Snaps of employees logging in and going out can be taken with the aid of optimized time clocks.

Scheduling An efficient way of updating, creating and managing work schedules or employees.

Reports Accurate insights & real-time assessment of labor costs in order for increasing profitability

Overtime Automatic estimation of overtime rates to manage accurate payroll for workers.

Integrating QuickBooks Online and TSheets

It needs a couple of clicks to integrate Tsheets with the online accounting software version.  Click on apps and scroll down till Tsheets option isn’t seen. It can also be found in the top menu bar.  Here in the option learn more, you can know about it in details. The option of signing in and sign up to Tsheets account will also be visible. A successive sign into the account views quickly the list of customers, service items, classes & employees which all can be synced with QB.

Using Time Data

As soon as the time is tracked in Tsheets by employees, you can easily check, approve and use their hours for running payroll, maintaining invoice and handling bills for vendors. One need not change differently with Tsheets & QuickBooks with reference numbers. It’s very easy all the time—go to accounting software & import from Tsheets with a single click that has been tracked by your employees.

In the software, window chooses & click the icon with Plus sign in the right corner above the screen and then click Approve time under Employees section. The information displayed on the screen will have time tracked of all employees. Also, you can see individual timesheets by making click on the name of the employee.  After verifying all time correctly, click approve on the right of each employee section. This time data can be used for running various functions related to employees like invoice, payroll etc by clicking “Accept and close” button in the below corner.

Hope, you knew the significance of using QuickBooks with TSheets. If you have any confusion, or you want to get more knowledge, then you can simply contact the QB support team via QuickBooks Online Support.

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