QuickBooks Update 2018-How to Update Picked Sales Orders in Enhanced Manner

How to Update Picked Sales Order in QuickBooks Enterprise 2018?

QuickBooks Enterprise has enhanced 2018 features so that your business needs can be met efficiently. Here, you will know in this post how you can set up the program, pick the order and creating pick list in enterprise version? If you want to know how you can bring the pick information in the QB, and how the feature works with serial numbers from multiple locations, then stay in be here in touch. Furthermore, if you also want to be in regular touch with the latest Quickbooks Update 2018, then keep reading our blogs.

Did you know? As part of the advanced list feature, you can take benefit of advanced order fulfillment from QuickBooks Enterprise edition 2018? Also, you have the relevant option to get more information via QuickBooks Online Support Phone Number. Intuit certified executives here are well educated and got deep knowledge on this feature. They will provide instant help.

Most users can pick the picklist by using the mobile device. This information should then be brought back to the QuickBooks so the repository manager can review it and update the QuickBooks Sales order.

When the user uses a mobile device, & click on the complete option, that device will send the completed pick invoice into the Intuit website. In the QuickBooks, when the user opens or refreshes the Sales Order Fulfill worksheet, the order will be raised from that web service. See the picklist tab. To the same order, if you will see a different status, then don’t need to worry as the order tab shows the sales order status in picked option.

To Make It More Clear, Let’s Compare The Actual Sales Order of The Report:

●  Once you have scanned the order and reported picklist data into the QB, then the sales order will not update itself.
●  After that, you should print the packing slip.

Quickbooks upadte 2018

●  Next, use the action drop-down from the picklist tab.
●  Then, update the sales order.

QuickBooks Update-2018

●  Now choose the sales order, and click on the update order option. (Each and every sales order update                             individually).

QuickBooks Update-2018

●  You will see the change in sales order status for completing in the picklist tab of the sales order fulfillment worksheet.

●  When you see the order into the picklist tab, then several hot spots will open in other windows. (At that time,               there  are options to view only the picklist, print pickup list and print packing slips in the drop-down list).

Quickbooks Update-2018

●  When you select the order number into the no order column for clicking m, it will open the order in the order sales windows.

Other Modifications in Picklist as per QuickBooks Update 2018

●  When you select the notes column from the note option, then you see the notes for this pick list. This involves creating notes as well as the note added with notes returned from the scanning device.

QuickBooks Update-2018


●  Now, click twice on any other field in the order, and from the action, drop-down choose view picklist. Then you will see, the window shows the status of each and every line.
●  To see the full details note, you must hover over the field to see the popup “tooltip” window.

QuickBooks update-2018

Important: If you’re not working with a scanner, then you can submit picked quantity in detail screen.

To know about another feature make a call on QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number. The Intuit certified executives are 24*7 available to provide the relevant information with the appropriate manner.

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