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What does the QuickBooks Banking Error 192 Mean? How can we Fix it?

When your QuickBooks displays error 192, it simply means that your bank needs a security layer which is not allowing QB online to download transactions automatically. Before going ahead to discuss QuickBooks Banking Error 192, let us analyze some features and advantages of QuickBooks.

With QuickBooks, your small business or startup will scale up at a high pace. No need to give extra efforts to design business plan–the software has the capability to design concepts & execute them efficiently to ascertain the financial stability of your business. Today, the online version is taking place of previous desktop-based products. While performing banking transactions, various errors are encountered by the users; error 192 is one of them.

Reasons Behind QuickBooks Banking Error 192

(Different security features of bank cause the error when you try to download transactions, as discussed before)

Here we are discussing two banks, with different features whose security layer features cause error 192:

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Bank of America: This bank has a safe pass feature which should be removed first from your account if you need to connect to a bank of America without facing error 192. On the official site of BOA, you can see the instructions to turn off this feature.

Wells Fargo: Wells Fargo has locked inability of certain accounts for connecting to bank feeds feature of QB online. It is done with a reason to verify correct email & phone number set up in profile.

Resolving The Error: As QB online is not able to download transactions automatically, so you can use web connect for uploading transactions directly

Upload Bank Transactions in QuickBooks Online

A large number of financial institutions are connected to QuickBooks so that you can download bank transactions automatically. At the first connect, the accounting software generally downloads transactions of last three months. In condition QB online does not connect bank till now, or you feel the requirement of more transactions, then you require exporting transactions from bank & upload them in QuickBooks company.

Steps for uploading or Importing Bank Transactions:

Step1: Download transactions from the website of your bank

Before going to download transactions from the bank’s website, you should know one thing that supportable file size by QuickBooks online is only 350KB. Therefore in case you are going to download a lot of transactions, then you should go for small date ranges.

  1. Simply sign in the website of your bank and follow online instructions of the bank for downloading transactions to your computer. Either you will be able to choose transactions from particular or multiple accounts or even choose a date range for transactions. In case you are going to add historical transactions for any particular connected account, then specify date range earlier than previous 90 days. Otherwise, duplicate transactions might get uploaded.
  1. You can use the following supported file types:
  • Comma-separated values(CSV)
  • QuickBooks Online(QBO
  • Microsoft Money(OFX)
  • Quicken(QFX)

3. Keep noted the name of file & location where it is downloaded

Step2: Upload file to QuickBooks Online Company

  1. Go to “Banking” option & choose “file upload”. Choose manually upload transactions at screen bottom if you haven’t connected to account before.
  2. Choose saved file going to “browse” menu and click “next”
  3. Choose an account to which you want to update data & click “next”. ( In absence of account setup, choose the option “add new” for adding account.
  4. Now select “let’s go!” to return back to banking page, start reviewing bank transactions & ensure their acceptance in QB online.

Account types for which bank transactions can be uploaded to QuickBooks are-Checking/chequing, money market, savings & credit account data line can be uploaded.

How automatically downloading transaction differs from uploading bank file?

  • In automatically transactions download, the accounting software itself receives data from bank carefully and brings it in the QuickBooks.
  • In uploading bank file you need to visit the website of your bank, download transactions of the bank in the supported file and upload it manually to QuickBooks.

Hopefully, reading the above-mentioned description you can easily troubleshoot the errors. You are free to take assistance from the  QuickBooks Online Support  team for any types of banking error.

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