How to Void a Check in Your Trusted Accounting Software QuickBooks in Easy Steps?

Are You A Small Business Owner?

Do you use QuickBooks to accomplish your accounting goals?

Did you ever think why check voiding & keeping its record is important?

Voiding check & keeping its record is important for various reasons. However, it is not a very tough task, still, it is very essential to learn the process. Yes! Having accurate knowledge of voiding checks with the aid of your accounting software is very important. This is a kind of issue directly associated with payroll, therefore creates more headache for bookkeepers & accounting professionals.

Why should a check be voided?

The purpose of the void check function is to perform cancellation of an existing payment transaction. This wonderful feature has very helpful utility, it not only returns the check to an unpaid status but also reverses payment for that particular invoice.   The check should be voided in case it is in your hand & is filled with the incorrect amount, wrong vendor name or bank. One should also know that once the check is voided, a record of this transaction still remains in the system.

Understand the void check function

By utilizing a void check function, the accounting software QuickBooks sets the amount of check to zero. Usually, it is categorized into certain kind of expenses, like office supplies, auto expenses, etc.

 How to void checks?

  • For voiding check in QuickBooks, first open check to void in the window “write checks”
  • After that choose “edit| void check” from the menu bar in order to void check viewed in the window “write checks”.
  • After that saving changes to the check, either click “save” button in the “Main” tab of ribbon at top of the window “write checks” Or
  • Click button “save & close” that you will find at bottom of the window
  • After that QuickBooks may then create two journal entries for maintaining the accuracy of account balances & financial reports
  • Now click “yes” button in message box so that QuickBooks make these entries.
  • If you want to make manual entries by yourself, then click the button “No just void the check'”

How to Void Paper Check in QuickBooks—A simple step procedure?

  • Launch QuickBooks, & enter login credentials to sign in
  • Find the option “banking” and select “write checks”.
  • Next, choose the account from which check is to be voided
  • After that find space for “check number” and submit here paper check number. ( Entry of date & other required information is also mandatory to enter here. You need not get worried, as spaces for entering details will be seen in prompts.)
  • After that click “edit” and then click “void check”.
  • Once the prompt for recording current date seems visible to you, then click “yes”.
  • In case you want to void check according to the date of writing, then click “No”.
  • After that, you can click “record” and finalize the voiding process of the check.

Hope, reading the above description, check voiding process would be understood to you. If there’s any issue or any confusion then, just contact QuickBooks Support Phone Number.

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